Carlesi Vivai


Cultivating plants is an art. Our company know-how has been gained from years of experience. Thanks to our passion for plants and to our perseverance, we have acquired the necessary skills to deal with a wide range of plants. In the last few years our company developed and expanded, and this makes it possible to respond to our customers' needs with experience, dynamism and efficiency. By using all modern methods and continually up-to-date machines and equipment, we provide to our customers the highest quality at competitive prices.

Our business is made up of 35 hectares of plants cultivated directly from the soil, and 10 hectares of plants in pot. Our activity has been working in the nursery sector for many decades, and the passion for plants has been passed down from generation to generation, setting up a third-generation company of great resources and decidely oriented towards the future. The mild climate, the particularly fertile soil of Pistoia, our cultivation system and our constant attention to phytopathology, mainly as precautional action, enable us to grow plants for every climatic area, from North Africa to North Europe.

We warmly invite you to visit us and personally realize the variety and the beauty of our plants in a homely atmosphere. We are waiting for your visit to our nursery. Our goal is to keep adding colour to your customers' gardens.



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Carlesi Vivai - Via S.angelo 83 - 51100 Pistoia (PT) - Tel. +39 0573 545236